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Unlike any tips service you have ever seen...
This is not a “Sales a Page”…You’re here because you have already seen the results!!!

Now Includes PR Ratings Lay Systems Delivered By Email

Normally when you go looking for more information about a system they will spend ages selling to you with fancy words.

I am not going to that.

If you come to this page it is because you have been following one or more of the “Trial” horse racing systems or my new PR Ratings systems I produce throughout the year.

These systems generally go on trial for 60 days and beyond and they include all the daily selections and a full results history.

(But you know all this because you have already seen one or more of them.)

After testing they end up in one of two places…

The first is the GHBot member’s area.

You have probably already had a look and I suspect because you are here at Racing Selections you have decided that GHBot isn’t for you.

That’s ok…Although I think it is amazing value for money considering all the tools and products you get with the GHBot service I realise it is not for everyone.

But maybe Racing Selections will suit you better.

I have already created a number of systems in 2015

In 2016 I will probably create 1 system every 2 to 4 weeks.

This will give me more time for research.

We also have a number of upgrades planned for our racing database in 2016 which will allow us to create even more interesting systems.

This means Racing Selections will grow by at least 12 systems in 2016 if not many more.

(Update I have already added 7 new systems into the members area since the start of 2016)

And there is now a new tool bonus.

Now not every system will make a profit. We should be clear on that point.

At the time of writing this (28/12/2015) just 4 of the systems combined have made over 244 points since they were first introduced to open testing.

So what do you get inside Racing selections?

Each system comes with the following...

  • A daily selection link (So you can pick up the selections easily each day from any browser on any device).

  • A bot link (So you can automatically follow the selections using a bot GHBLite).

  • Full results break down (So you don't have to guess about the system. Everything is there for you including a day by day and month by month breakdown and full statistics).

  • Combine systems feature.(So you can combine your favourite systems into one and get rid of any duplicates).

  • Daily tips software. (So you can download the selections to your windows pc everyday and even save the selections if you want to).

  • Automatically get new systems. (So you automatically get any new system I add to "open" testing).

  • Lock in the price (The price you lock into today is the price you will always pay even if i decide to raise the monthly or yearly price).

We also have this great feature where you combine systems in to one.

This means you can pick your favourite systems and combine them to make one link to get the daily selections.

We do not email out the selections because we feel this service is better as a pick and mix and that would need a lot of code to make it work with email...Although it may be an upgrade in 2016.

New: Although we do not email the normal selections by email...we do now send the PR Ratings lay selections by email.

This includes the amazing Favourite Lay System and the 3rd Rank lay system.

But don't take my word for it...

...Look at this Facebook post:

Facebook post

I thought it sounded better coming from a user than just me!

I keep adding systems to Racing Selections and not putting the price cant go on like that!

I settled on £27 a month (30 days membership).

As always with my services I keep them small to protect prices.

Racing-Selections is no different.

Once that number is reached the service is closed.

If the buttons are still active below then you can still join and lock in your membership.

But once the membership is full then the buttons will disappear.

That’s not a sales trick it is just the way I do things and always have.

Ready to Join?

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£37 Just £27 For 30 days membership 
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By ticking this checkbox you certify you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and wish to start your subscription at the rates specified.

If you want to save money then we also offer a full one years subscription...

Questions and answers

Q. Are there any profit guarantees?

A. NO! Please be very clear on this.

I open test all the systems before they get put into Racing Selections but that doesn't for one moment mean they will carry on making profit.

At the end of the day this is Gambling and anything can happen.

Q. Can I have a refund if the systems do not perform?

A. NO this is not a free trial service.
You join on the understanding that you have already been following the selections during one (or more) of the trials and you want to continue to get the selections.

And you understand we have a "No Refund" policy and that includes the yearly payment option.

Q. Can I cancel the service at any time?

A. Yes...There are "easy" cancel instructions on your accounts page in the members area.
And you will be able to continue getting the selections until the end of that 30 day period you paid for.

Q. Will you send me the tips by email?

A. No...At the moment there is no email system. The links we provide work just as well and can be viewed in any browser.

Q. Is there an Auto bot?

A. No...There is no auto bot with this service. If you don't want to use GHBot then there is always GHBlite as an alternative.

Q. How many systems do you expect to add in 2016?

A.Good question...My goal is at least 12 (one a month) and hopefully more. But a lot will depend on how many systems I can find and how the open testing goes.

I do a lot of research and continue to improve the data available from our in house racing database.

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